Q. What does an accountant do?

It is very important for small business owners to keep good records of book. Diligent CPA helps to monitor the progress of the business, identify amounts and sources of receipts and keep track of deductible expenses. Good book saves time for tax preparers to prepare your tax returns and support of items reported on tax returns. In real life, up-to-date accounting records reduces or eliminates bank fees, such as NSF check fees, overdraft fees, etc and help you identify if any fraudulent activity exists.


Q. What are the requirements of a good tax and accounting services?

Good tax and accounting service requires detail oriented and conscientious work. A good accountant needs to take the ownership of the work and be responsible of the work performed. A good work should show company’s financial snap shots in a concise but detailed manner.


Q. My records are a mess and I’m embarrassed for anyone to see the paper mounds let alone organize them. Where do I start?

We have been providing such services for more than 30 years to various clients, such as retail, wholesale, real estate, restaurant, medical, legal and professionals. We are responsible accountants and assist you to provide a good book. It might need time to organize and establish a good starting point. Once it has been established, however, you now have a well-organized financial record. We, KORUS CPAs, LLP, are who you are looking for. Please contact us with your questions. We are here to assist you.



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